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Try orienteering in Geelskov

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Geelskov is Lyngby Orienteering Club's home turf. This is where we have training runs for club members, and where we invite potential new runners to try orienteering, using the permanent markers. Geelskov is within easy access from Copenhagen. The S-train litterally delivers you at the edge of the wood at Virum and Holte stations.

You may download a map of Geelskov with all the permanent markers indicated. This allows you to make up your own route, with a few or many markers on the way. You may also choose one of the suggested courses. We have suggestions for easy, not quite so easy, and difficult routes.

The permanent markers are available all year round. You may make use of them exactly when it suits you.

Maps with permanent markers

All maps and courses are at the scale of 1:10,000. Maps are drawn using the special signatures used in orienteering. The general principle is that black indicates roads and stones, brown is contours, blue is water, and green indicate how dense the forest is.

Start from Beginner Easy Middle Difficult
Top of Geels Bakke 2.7 km 3.7 km 4.4 km 6.4 km
Parking area at Holte Midtpunkt 3.8 km 5.1 km 5.5 km
Parking area across from the tennis courts 3.7 km 3.7 km 5.2 km
Teknikerbyen 3.3 km 5.2 km 6.1 km
Top of Geels Bakke 5.2 km
Map with all permanent markers in Geelskov

Beginner courses: Markers are placed on broad paths, and you will encounter only one change of direction between two markers. The course may be completed with a pram or a bicycle. A compas is not required.

Easy courses: PThe markers are visible from roads and paths. You may have a choice of routes, and you may change direction several times between two markers. May be completed without a compas, if you focus your mind on the task at hand.

Middle difficult courses: The markers are placed away from paths and roads, but always at a linear feature, such as a path, a ditch, or a stone wall, or maybe an open space in the woods. You will always be able to find roads or paths to a point near the marker. You may be able to find the markers without a compas, but the compas is recommended.

Difficult courses: Markers are placed away from roads and paths. The quickest route will often take you through branches and tree stands that may be difficult to penetrate. A compas is a must.

See the letter codes on the markers (maybe best after you have returned from your run in the woods, and you want to make sure you found the markers you set out to find).

Lyngby OK's training runs are open for all

If you enjoy finding the permanent markers, you are welcome to participate in the club's training runs. Training for beginners are held on Tuesdays at 5 PM during September - Oktober and in April - Juni. Training for beginners are held in the local woods around Lyngby, often starting from the top of Geels Bakke (on Kongevejen) or from Nymølle (between Ørholm and Ravnholm stations).

If you want a more demanding and challenging orienteering run we also arrange training runs where we have difficult courses. We often include technical aspects or remove paths and roads from the map, so you are forced to use the contours for your route finding. The themes vary, and are often in the local woods,but may also include runs arranged by the neighbouring clubs.

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