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"Thule" was built in 1873 as accommodation for Lyngby Glassworks staff. In 1905 master builder Fritz Jensen removed the southern end of the building and built a new front house of three floors along what was then Bagsværdvej.

Fritz Jensen lived in an even larger villa "Charlottenborg" across the street. From his windows he could look at the gable of the "Thule," which he had fitted with two portrait heads of himself and his wife Sophie Charlotte above the windows on the first floor.

Lyngby Glassworks was built west of the railway in 1873-74 by a pharmacist and a doctor.The main production was bottles and other glass containers. Around 50 people worked at the glassworks until a production stop in 1877 and then around 30 until 1882, when it closed.


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