Baadfarten (The Boat Service)

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During the summer you can from the end of Sorgenfrivej to Frederiksdal and several other places along the shore of Bagsværd sø. At Frederiksdal you can change to another boat and sail to Furesøbadet, Holte and Farum.

The steamboat Svanen (the Swan) with two sets of wheels was bought im 1896, but sailed only with passengers, and "sailing over land" took place in Fiskebæk between Farum Sø and Furesøen for a few years, as the route was shortened to Frederiksdal-Fiskebæk.

Boat tours began regular sailing with passengers in 1894 between Lyngby and Frederiksdal, first with steam engines and later with petrol and diesel engines. The boats "Princess Alexandrine" and "Prince Christian" were bought in 1895 and 1896, and are still in operation.


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